In front of thousands of wounded people

In front of thousands of wounded people


Of course you all know the story of Good Samaritan and how he treated with love and compassion the wounded, abandoned and naked he found in his path. And our Lord points out in this story that he stopped, bounded his wounds, loaded him on his donkey and took him to an inn, stayed with him all night and because apparently the wounded needed time to recover, he agreed to pay the inn owner the cost of the treatment.Imagine now, after looking back at this story, the same person, Samaritan, been in front of not one wounded but hundreds of wounded and abandoned, almost half-dead people !!!                   

What would he do? He had just a little oil and some wine with him … He had only a few clothes to cut and bandage … He had just a little donkey who could barely carry two wounded … What would he do with the rest?             

If you could stop all your thinking for just a couple of minutes and each of you take the place of the Samaritan in front of hundreds of wounded. If you could do that you would have somehow approached the daily difficulty of all the missionaries.                   

But this is the reality of the Mission in Africa, the continent under exploitation to this day, which you either do not accept and mentally kills you or accept and fight with it. Deocese of CameroonSt Gregory



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